Vicon Spreaders

VICON LOGO croppedVicon offers dedicated products and services within forage harvesting equipment, soil cultivation, seeding systems, fertiliser spreaders and sprayers.

In the past 100 years the Vicon brand has introduced a constant stream of ground breaking innovations and has a proud history of being first on the market with new concepts. Since the world wide success of early innovations like the ”finger wheel” rake and pendulum type fertilizer spreader, the distinctive Vicon logo has been known as a quality brand embracing a wide range of high performance equipment.

Vicon Spreaders are available at Wiesner’s Walla Walla branch.


Pendulum Spreaders Twin Disc Spreaders GEOSPREAD


Pendulum Spreaders

The Vicon Pendulum Spreader range has a variety of spouts for different applications and spreading widths, which makes it possible to spread fertilizer, seeds, sand, salt, pellets or any other granular product up to 14m. The compact design in combination with the short spreading surface gives you an optimal spreader for working in small areas. The Vicon pendulum spreader is the first choice wherever the demand is for maximum spreading quality and ease of operation. Spreading along field edges and tram line borders, spreading is no problem at all thanks to the border spreading plate and the tiltable headstock.



With hopper capacities of 400 litres this spreader is the ideal solution
for small farms and special applications.

These spreaders are suitable for spreading at 14m (46′) if a tractor with
750 or 1000 rpm PTO is available.





PS604 . PS754PS604 / PS 754

The standard working width of the PS04 range is 1 to 14m.
When you increase the PTO speed of the tractor from 540 rpm to 620 rpm the
spreading with can be increased to even 15m.
The features of the PS04 spreader are exact rate controll, quick change spouts,
low filling heights and easy maintenance.
This versatile spreaders are popular for vineyards, golf courses and general
farm applications.


Twin Disc Spreaders

Spreaders for farmers who spread their crops in an accurate and durable way.

For modern farmers optimal spreading of fertiliser means using the exact amount of nutrition to avoid overlap. Vicon fertiliser spreaders guarantee accurate spreading, are easy to operator and provide many years of trouble free usage. This means higher yields, lower costs and less waste.

The RotaFlow Principle

  1. No impact, no fragmentation, no dust
  2. Accurate spread pattern
  3. Minimal wind influence, maximum tolerance
  4. Consistent spread pattern
  5. Guaranteed accuracy on slopes


RO – C700

RO - CCompact and Complete

The RO-C is controlled either manually or hydraulically. It is the most compact spreader
in the range, but features all elements of the RotaFlow spreader line.
The working width is determined by the vane length. The 4 vanes can be detached easily,
also for a static calibration test. Application rate adjustment from the calibration position
is easily accessible.

Standard features include:

  • All vanes for 9-18 metres 
  • Overload clutch
  • Stainless steel hose connections
  • Robust steel sieves
  • Right hand spreading disc can be shutt-off
  • Grading box to test fertiliser quality 




RO - MRO – M1100

The RO-M is the perfect spreader for the medium segment of farms! Each spreading disc has
8 vanes and their length determines the working width of the machine. These 8 vanes contribute
to the highly accurate spread pattern across the complete working widths reaching from 10 up to
28 metres. With the easy to assemble aluminium extension rims the basic hopper capacity of
1100 litres can be increased up to 1550 or 2000 litres.




RO – XL1875

RO XLThe RO-XL is the high capacity model of the RotaFlow range. The heavy duty construction of
the RO-XL makes it possible to carry up a maximum of 3.450 or 3.900 litres of fertiliser with
3 extension rims. Easy setting and adjustment can be done with the FlowPilot on each spreading
disc. An innovative drive line to each disc ensures gentle agitation due to the “slow rotating”
agitator system, which runs at 15% of the spreading disc speed. Both discs can be shut off
independently to spread half the working width, essential for preventing lodging in tapering headlands.




RO – XLEDW1500

RO EDWThe RO-EDW is the top of the weighing range model. This ISOBUS 11783 compatible weighing
spreader is equipped with an unique reference sensor. The FlowPilot dashboard on each spreading
disc ensures simple and quick setting or adjustment. Different hopper capacities are available:
two different basic hoppers of 1.500 and 1.875 litres and they can be increased with maximal 3 hopper
extensions up to 3.450 and 3.900 litre capacity! Working widths from 12 up to 45m are possible.
The RO-EDW can be operated with the IsoMatch Tellus, IsoMatch Tellus GO or any
ISOBUS compatible tractor terminal.




GPS Controlled Intelligent Machine Solutions

Spreading has never been so easy and accurate. The RO-EDW GEOSPREAD is a weighing spreader with integrated section control to provide optimal use of nutrients to your crops. The weighing system continuously checks and controls the desired application rate, regardless of forward speed or fertiliser flow characteristics.



The RO-EDW GEOSPREAD is equipped with two actuators on each dosing unit. One of these
Geospread EDWactuators controls the setting of the discharge point of the dosing cup onto the disc (letter setting),
the other controls the application rate. The GEOSPREAD system makes it possible to adjust the
letter setting individually for both discs electrically from the tractor cab. This means the working
width can be easily adjusted quickly and accurately just by touching the ISOBUS terminal.

The Advantages:

  • RotaFlow spreading system
  • Fully automatic weighing system with unique reference sensor
  • Unique GEOSPREAD system with two electric actuators
  • ISOBUS 11783 compatible for easy plug and play
  • Possible in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL