Established in 1929, Morris Industries strives to provide the most innovative and up-to-date products in the agricultural seeding and tillage equipment market.

Morris’ company history is grounded in innovation by understanding the needs of farmers. Its team of research and development specialists continually develops new and more efficient equipment such as the 9 Series Air Cart and C2 Contour Drill to assist customers with better farming processes.

Backed with quality products and support, Morris has expanded out of North America to be one of the leading international brands, providing innovative equipment to Australia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Ukraine, France, England, New Zealand, South Africa and Russia.

As testament to its commitment to continually improving products and services for exceptional customer requirements and customer satisfaction, Morris is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

In 2002, Morris expanded its line of hay hauling and stacking equipment by acquiring ProAG Designs, Inc., a Montana-based manufacturer of large bale hauling and stacking machines.

As Australian distributor for Morris seeding and tillage equipment, McIntosh Distribution works closely with Morris and Australian farmers to provide solutions for better and more efficient farming processes.




“Changing the Landscape Of Farming”

Morris’ revolutionary new Quantum air drill takes your operation to the next level with increased seeding efficiency, yield potential, and equipment longevity. More than just a new model, Quantum is a giant leap forward in agricultural innovation — and one of the biggest achievements in Morris’ 90-year history.

Quantum elevates agronomic performance with precise depth control, ideal soil-seed contact, and consistent product separation for maximum yield potential.
From the front hitch to the back, and every millimetre in-between, the all-new Quantum is completely redesigned from the ground up for exceptional strength, durability, and longevity.
Quantum is designed to adapt to your farming needs. The frame allows for an exceptionally broad range of row unit spacing, including both imperial and metric flexibility.

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CX8105 – 31FT

100_4125 CX8105The articulated design reduces weight transfer and increases land-following ability. The pivot allows the cart to move independently from the drill, side to side and front to back which improves stability and seeding accuracy in all field conditions. Independent opener technology.

The independent opener features parallel linkage for ultra-precise seed and fertilizer placement. Each opener follows the contour of the ground, even on hills. Adjustable packer wheels provide on-row packing and excellent seed to soil contact.

  • C2 Row Units
  • 10″ Spacings
  • 2 Tank
  • Ground Drive
  • Dual Shoot
  • 4.8″ Pres Wheels
  • Hydraulic Jack Stand

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C2 CONTOUR – 31ft (Bar Only)

Morris-C2 Detail_3112The C2 Contour offers unmatched residue clearance and makes opener adjustments easier. The independent opener features parallel linkage for ultra-precise seed and fertilizer placement. Adjustable packing pressure lets you pull through damp spots.

  • DuaShoot
  • 10″ and 12″ Spacing’s available
  • 4.5 Press Wheels
  • Can suit tow between or tow behind cart.

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CONCEPT – 40FT and 8700Lt Cart

Concept 2000The Concept features patented independent floating frames and one of the shortest frame depths in the industry to follow the ground for depth accuracy. Positive depth-control collars on the hydraulic cylinders allow you to make fine adjustments for precise seed placement.

  • Concept row units (c shank)
  • 550lbs breakout
  • 9″, 10′ AND 12″ spacings available
  • Dual shoot
  • Press Wheels
  • 8730Lt bin ground drive
  • 3rd tank fitted (1129Lt)
  • Loading/Unloading auger fitted
  • 3m  axles quad steer

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