“We are Miller”. That’s more than just a statement. It’s a philosophy, shared by Miller’s staff, dealers, and customers. We work together to develop class-leading solutions to meet the demands of this fast-paced agricultural evolution we are living.Miller 2

It’s an understatement to say farming has changed. Your needs for precision equipment and new technology have never been greater – along with increasing pressures to be more productive and profitable.

Today, Miller focuses on application equipment products. If you are an applicator, Miller has the equipment to meet the most demanding operations. Miller, your partner in productivity.

After more than a century of serving growers, no one understands that better than Miller.



Featuring a revolutionary new propulsion system that sets the highest standard for power to the ground performance.

Revolutionary propulsion system
The Miller NITRO 6000 Series features an innovative electronically controlled twin hydrostatic Sauer Danfoss pump system with electronically controlled variable displacement piston drive motors and Farifield Torque-Hub



plaetary final drives seamlessly integrated to pvidroe optimum drive performance. Nitro 6000 Series

New planetary final drives
The new Torque-Hub® planetary final drives deliver high torque and long life, designed to optimise the performance of the NITRO 6365.

Greater torque at all speeds
The new wheel motors provide greater torque at all speeds. From starting out at a standstill and right up to full transport speed, the wheel motors will have the benefit of full torque at all times.

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NITRO 7310

Designed for your Comfort & Productivity

It’s All About The Boom
Increase your productivity with the Nitro 7310. It’s front boom design gives a clear view of the boom, spray nozzles, and the field to confidently cover ground faster. The new ultra-quiet cab offers operators maximum comfort, control and convenience.

An industry leading 2m of ground clearance allows for late-stage application – Highest ground clearance on the market! Easily lower the overall height down to 3.9m from the operator’s seat for truck transport. Lighter overall weight than previous models means less soil compaction and a better horsepower-to-weight- ratio. Even weight distribution provides balance, with near equal load on each tire to maximize power to the ground while minimizing compaction. miller-nitro-7310-series-self-propelled-sprayer-australia-20180202163454-image

New Features Made With You In Mind.

Chemical injection option allows for use of up to three injection pumps and four separate mid-mount tanks that are easy to access from the platform. When used in conjunction with water in the main tank, you can vary chemical application from field to field.

Redesigned adjustable chassis provides up to 2m of clearance. Its box steel construction uses 100,000-psi-yield high-strength steel for exceptional ruggedness and durability. A redesigned suspension system makes for a smooth ride. The optional Auto Rinse allows you to clean out the tank and boom with the press of a button in the cab or using the ground level display.


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Staged Spray Control 

Cost effective droplet managementmiller-staged-spray-control-20150807134236-image


Miller’s Staged Spray Control (SSC) – builds on the proven “twin line” spray system and provides operators with a cost effective tool for droplet management.

By utilising nozzle mounted air shut off valves to switch between two different sized nozzles, both speed and rate ranges can be extended while staying within the nozzles’ ideal pressure and droplet range.

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Condor GC Series 

Mechanical Drive Simplicity & Efficiency

The Miller Condor GC Series self propelled sprayer sets a new standard for refined productivity. Step up the new front mounted ladder and into your new comfort zone. Once settled into the stylish new SprayView cab, you’ll have a command view of your entire operation and convenient fingertip controls at hand on the new armrest console. Keep an eye on the machine’s operation with the new Miller Systems Monitor, and power up a wide range of electronics with the multiple 12 volt access points situated throughout the cab. condor-gc-series-20140704165125-image


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Spray Air Technology 

Less drift, less water, more coverage!

The air blast penetrates the thickest crop canopies and drives the droplets deep for unsurpassed coverage.

When coverage is critical and you need deep canopy penetration to kill the target pest – be it weed, disease, or insect – look no further than to Miller’s Spray-Air air boom technology.

The unique air nozzle spray system puts instantaneous control of droplet size, spray pattern, and the speed of the air blast spraying into the crop right at your fingertips. There is no other technology available that will give you coverage as good as this, with the lowest application rates possible. miller-spray-air-technology-australia-20150810154827-image

Available for both current Miller Nitro and Condor sprayers (excluding Nitro N2XP), the Miller Spray-Air air boom technology to improve your application efficiency and generate a superior return on your investment!

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