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With more than 160 years of innovation and experience, Massey Ferguson is one of the world’s leading tractor brands and a force in the global harvesting business.

Here you can find out more about Massey Ferguson and the wider AGCO family.

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Mowers and Groundcare


Massey Ferguson Lifestyle Products

ground_careReliability backed by service and parts
Massey Ferguson tractors, mowers and hay equipment are ideal for lifestyle properties and small farms with versatile quality machines matched to make tasks around your property faster and easier.
MF Grounds Care Product Range.

  • 4WD Diesel All Terrain Vehicle
  • Rear Discharge Lawn Tractors
  • Side Discharge Lawn Mowers
  • Zero turn Mowers

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MF 2600 | 39-74 HP


Mixing tradition with style

The Massey Ferguson 2600 Series is a rugged line of utility tractors that are built to get the job done. With models ranging from 38 to 74 engine horsepower, the MF2600 Series tractor meets the requirements of today’s demanding marketplace.

With innovative styling, user-friendly controls, and a roomy operator’s area, the MF2600 lineup delivers a level of comfort that is surprising in a utility tractor. Equipped with a Simpson 3 or 4 cylinder diesel engine that is either naturally aspirated or turbocharged, these reliable machines will tackle any job at hand.

The legendary Massey Ferguson 3-point hitch system puts the operator in total control of a wide range of implements, from mowing to loader work, grading, and tilling.

The basic philosophy behind the MF2600 Series tractor is to provide an efficient, dependable, and durable product for the value minded customer

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MF 3600 V/S/F | 84-102 HP


Agile, powerful and versatile The MF3600 Series consists of rugged power and quick, agile manoeuvrability.

These tough machines have been designed to tackle the widest range of agricultural, specialist and municipal tasks, simply, cost-effectively and in a spacious, comfortable working environment.

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MF 4600 | 80-100 HP


If you’ve been looking for a nimble, manoeuvrable and responsive tractor to handle almost any task around the farm, then look no further than the MF4600 Series.

Extensive research and development means these tractors have been designed to meet your needs with high quality engineering and practical features With an advanced 12 X 12 power shuttle transmission and an all new 3-cylinder AGCO POWER engine that provides better torque and fuel efficiency than many larger 4-cylinder diesels, the new MF4600 Series has everything it takes to help you get the job done.

Perfect for livestock farming, dairy, hay, and general farm work, these exceptional tractors feature robust hydraulics, an integrated factory loader joystick and a spacious, comfortable operator’s area – all to focus on your individual needs

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  • Agco power t4 final (non adblue) 3.3lt – 3 cylinder engine. 90 maximum hp
  • 18f x 18r transmission – wet clutch power shuttle
  • Genuine MF 936X Loader with soft ride and std 7ft bucket
  • Factory fitted ergonomic loader controls
  • 2 speed independent pto (540/540e)
  • 65lt/minute hydraulic flow with 2 rear remotes std
  • 2750kg operating weight with 2500kg rear linkage capacity (hook ends)
  • 115lt fuel tank capacity
  • Delivery to property
  • Also available in 80hp and 100hp variants

Great size utility tractor for all general work!

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MF 4700 | 74-82 HP


Reliability, integral dependability

Suitable for a multitude of tasks throughout Australia and New Zealand, and tailored to meet your specific requirements, these are the tractors the world’s farmers depend on day in, day out – the new Massey Ferguson Global Series.

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MF 5400 | 80-125 HP


Outstanding in its field

At Massey Ferguson, we understand the needs of every individual. Whether you are running a large-scale dairy unit or family farm, each feature and optional extra in the MF5400 Series has been designed specifically to suit your needs. This is precision machinery and has all the characteristics you’d expect from Massey Ferguson. Powerful and responsive, this range will adapt immediately to its environment.

High visibility, generous hydraulics and the new MF900 loader make it perfect in dairy applications. Alternatively, with its high ground clearance, excellent stability, powerful engine and robust chassis, it’s an exceptional arable tractor too.

The MF5400 is straightforward to operate, while the ease of access and comfort makes light work of jumping in and out of the tractor, day in, day out Whatever your business requires, whatever the job, the MF5400 range can handle the toughest tasks you can throw at it. Whether mounted with the MF900 Series front loader, operating a high-capacity mower, pulling a cultivator or hauling trailers, you’re guaranteed maximum productivity

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MF 5600 | 80-120 HP


Engineered by us, created for you

Your versatile, dependable workhorse We understand your needs. Whether you are a contractor, running a dairy unit, mixed farming enterprise or family farm, the MF5600 Series is designed to suit your everyday needs with a choice of three or four cylinder models so you can select exactly the right power, wheelbase and weight for your farming business.

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MF 6600 | 120-140 HP


Compact, Manoeuvrable, with a perfect power-to-weight ratio With the MF6600 Series, Massey Ferguson introduces the very latest in 4 cylinder engine technology to a power band that previously was the domain of 6 cylinder tractors.

The MF6600 blends all the benefits of a 4 cylinder machine – compact dimensions, low overall weight, good manoeuvrability – with the pulling, pushing and lifting power to match a comparable 6 cylinder tractor.

The MF6600 Series offers the highest performance of any 4 cylinder tractor on the market today.All models show perfect power-to-weight ratio for extraordinary all-round machine ability and agility in all applications.

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MF 7600 | 140-255 HP


Discover the new MF7600 Series

The new MF7600 Series is built around our trademark standards of award-winning, innovative and advanced engineering.

Cleaner, more advanced technology, outstanding fuel economy, low emissions and exceptionally high performance without compromising your business or the environment. Put less in and get more out.

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MF 8600 | 320-370 HP


Exactly how a Tractor should be. 370 horsepower of pure torque and rugged capability. Built to last it can tackle the toughest terrain and turn the largest areas of land for longer with low running costs and superb reliability.

The MF 8600 Series is an accumulation of power, strength, superior engineering, up to the minute ergonomics and cleaner, more fuel efficient engines. This is possibly the hardest working tractor you’ll ever own, it’s exactly and precisely how a tractor should be.

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MF 8700 | 270-400 hp


The new dimension in farming power

Farming practices in today’s climate have many obstacles which farmers and contractors have to face. With the world’s population rising, a greater demand for food and land with changeable and volatile weather conditions, you need machinery you can rely on.

We understand these new challenges and our engineers are at the forefront of tractor design so you can be sure our new range of flagship tractors have been designed and built by the people who truly understand the nature of your business. Through insight and innovation we built the MF8700 to meet the needs of modern farming so you can look to the future with confidence.

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Combine harvesters


MF 9500 | 370-460 HP


Capacity Without Complexity

At the heart of the MF 9500 series is the Trident Processor that increases throughput while enhancing grain quality.

Together with the exclusive V-Cool™ cooling system, you will have less downtime and  less maintenance. Capacity. Efficiency. Grain Quality

Get the most out of every harvest with Massey Ferguson’s innovative and highly efficient harvesting technology.

Pioneers of combine harvester technology from the PowerFlow header to the latest precision farming equipment, the Massey Ferguson range includes models from 175-459hp. Conventional straw walker, rotary and hybrid separation systems are available to match all crops and conditions.

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Precise, flexible seeders & planters for a range of crops.

Placing seeds in the soil with the utmost accuracy to ensure optimum germination and the best yields, Massey Ferguson planters are easy to calibrate and control.

Robust designs mean they will last for many seasons and work in the most demanding conditions.

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MF-Planter_MF7600-Row-Crop_rdax_1024x768-401x267MF9000 | Precision Planters

With massive frame construction, accurate seed singulation and placement plus a variety of options and attachments the MF 9000 Series Precision Planters offer a planter for the professional operator that will increase yield and maximise efficiency.

The strong welded construction ensures all MF Precision Planters have a long machine and service life, while the robust 180 x 180 mm frame has the strength to meet the demands of the toughest field conditions.

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MF9700 |  Tyne Drills

MF_Tyne_Drill1200x350 (1)The Massey Ferguson Tyne Drill’s ribbon-seeded bands and multiple fertiliser placement options offer small grain yields that other seeding systems can’t match.

The seed ribbon system with packed rows makes seed bed utilisation the highest in the industry.

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MF9800 | Single Disc Drills

Extremely rugged with low maintenance requirements, MF9800 Series Single Disc Drills will are ideal for high trash applications and wet soils, achieving precise seeding with adjustable depth and consistent down pressure – increasing the efficiency and productivity of your seeding operation.

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MF-AirseederMF9900 | Air Cart

Massey Ferguson Air Carts allow you to precisely, yet gently, deliver
seed and fertiliser to all Massey Ferguson Air Drills.

A Massey Ferguson Air Drill is the ideal complement to our Single Disc
Drill and Massey Ferguson Air Carts feed virtually any seeding tool or
fertiliser applicator already on your farm. Choose from ground driven
meters, variable NH controls, optional tire sizes and axle spacing.

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mffl_feat_subframeMF FL Series

Hard working, high performance loaders.

If you need a robust, reliable loader to complement your Massey Ferguson tractor then you don’t need to look far. MF tractors with MF FL loaders are the ultimate combination of rugged ability, hard work and reliability.

Full integration of tractor and loader is achieved easily with the MF FL Series, to suit 90 – 370 hp Massey Ferguson tractors. You can choose from either ‘linear’ or ‘parallel’ linkage, available throughout a range of models, along with numerous options and accessories to enhance performance and productivity.

Highly developed, high performance design ensures that these loaders deliver first class versatility, outstanding reliability, and impressive results year after year. Whatever your handling requirements, the MF loader range can deal with them. From day-to-day jobs to the toughest contractor work, the MF FL Series loaders can be found working away in a wide range of applications – on many livestock and mixed farms, vegetable enterprises, landscape/forestry activities and intensive municipal operation.

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