Since its foundation in 1926, Iseki has contributed to the modernization of Japan’s agricultural industry as a full-line manufacturer specializing in farming machinery.

Iseki prides itself on extensive research and development that is matched with high quality manufacturing and assembly processes to produce a range of machinery for today’s demanding applications.

Whether it’s a tractor for commercial use or a lifestyle farmer or a professional mower for a municipality, Iseki products typify Japanese quality and design.

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Iseki SZ Zero – Turn MowerIseki SZ Zero Turn Mower

The SZ Zero Turn Mower continues Iseki’s tradition of delivering equipment that is reliable, hard working and offers the most advanced engineering.

It all begins with you – your efficiency, comfort and ability to add value to the bottom line. With the Iseki SZ you can rest easy knowing that you have a diesel engine packing 33hp with the largest radiator on the market in it’s class. Your Iseki will provide the stability and power needed to handle the toughest of jobs, day in, day out.

  • 33hp
  • 3 blade side discharge deck
  • 72″ Cutting Width
  • 7 Position Height of Cut Adjustment

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ISEKI SF OUTFRONT MOWERSF Outfront Mowers 31 &37 hp

Professional quality SF Series out front mowers are designed to give an excellent cut and finish in heavy conditions.
SF Series out front mowers combine rugged reliability and efficient, powerful engines that develop peak torque at low revs – giving you power where you need it and making easy work of heavy conditions.

Ideal for commercial operators and municipal applications, SF Series out front mowers are available with a side or rear discharge deck and a choice of a diesel or turbo diesel engines.

Designed with operator comfort in mind, SF Series out front mowers feature innovations that reduce fatigue and increase productivity.

  • SF 310 – 31HP/2700rpm
  • SF 370 – 37HP/2700rpm
  • Option of 60″ or 72 ” Cutting Deck
  • Side discharge deck
  • Adjustable Cutting Height from 25mm to 120mm
  • Top speed 22 km per hour.

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Iseki SXG 2SXG Series

SXG Series professional mowers feature a quiet but powerful 1.1L engine that provides dependable power in tough heavy conditions. Iseki’s fully integrated hydraulic catcher features a generous 600L capacity and a large rear discharge chute that enables operators to offload cutting quickly and effortlessly.

Operators are kept comfortable by the SXG Series’ spacious platform design, and serviceability is made easy by simple access to the engine for regular maintenance.

  • Side by side forward and reverse pedals
  • 22hp
  • Hydrostatic  Transmission
  • High Dumping Reach
  • Large 600L Capacity
  • High Tourque for heavy conditions

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Iseki TM RangeIseki TM Series 23 – 26hp

The goal of Iseki TM Series compact tractors is to provide the ultimate compact utility tractor.  All controls are in the right place – at the operator’s fingertips.

The PTO features a two speed modulation button for slower engagement of rear implements or a mid mounted mower deck that reduces implement shock and operator fatigue. Long hours at work are made more comfortable by an insulated operator’s platform that absorbs vibrations and a suspension seat to smooth rough terrain.

The TM Series compact tractors are also available with a selection of options that make it the perfect versatile addition to your property or agricultural operations.


Standard Features:

  • 3 Point Linkage
  • Up to 600kg lift capacity
  • 2 Rear double acting remotes
  • Mid mounted PTO
  • Option of 60″ mowing deck

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Iseki TH RangeIseki TH Series

Iseki TH Series compact tractors boast clever features that enable operators to tackle a wide variety of applications.

Whether its demanding loader work, mowing or attaching an implement, the TH Series is perfect for large property owners with varied tasks, municipal councils or small farm operators.

Featuring powerful engines, a hydrostatic transmission and an ergonomic operator area, the TH Series compact tractors pack a lot of features into a solid Japanese built machine.


Standard Features:

  • 36hp
  • Available with option of 4 in 1 or standard configuration loader
  • Independent 540/1000 PTO
  • 3 Range hydrostatic transmission
  • 4WD
  • Ag or turf tyres

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Iseki TG SeriesIseki TG Series 36 – 60hp

Iseki TG Series sets the benchmark for compact tractors. Designed for demanding environments and high performance applications, the TG Series boast power, reliability and versatile options that make them ideal compact tractors for commercial farming, municipal councils as well as larger property owners.

Iseki TG Series compact tractors are available with the choice of 3 or 4 cylinder engines that combine efficiency with high torque at low revs. Fingertip power shuttle controls make loader work easy and fast and Iseki’s 1780kg three point linkage lift capacity means the TG is a versatile workhorse capable of handling a range of implement attachments


Standard Features:

  • 36 to 60hp
  • Front End Loader
  • Hydrolic Valves and joystick
  • Three point linkage
  • 12 forward and 12 reverse gears
  • Reverse power shuttle

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