Horwood Bagshaw

horwoodFrom the first winnowing machine produced in 1838, Horwood Bagshaw have based their ingenious designs and practical engineering on the needs of Australian farmers. Today, nothing has changed. The strength and success of Horwood Bagshaw still lies in our ability to incorporate ideas from people who rely on our equipment to maximise their income. Horwood Bagshaw combines this ‘local knowledge’ with the latest agricultural research, current trends in techniques and the needs of new crops. This results in machinery that is guaranteed to help you maximise your yields.

Airseeders Scaribar Precision Seeding System



Horwood Bagshaw Australian designed and built Airseeders can increase productivity, improve sowing accuracy, minimise capital investment and minimise running costs.

Robust, low maintenance Airseeders offer precise seed delivery, even in the most demanding conditions. Maximise the benefits of timely and accurate sowing with a Horwood Bagshaw Airseeder to match your needs.


Liquid Airseeders

liquid_airseederHorwood Bagshaw Australian designed and built Liquid Airseeders:

  • Improve plant nutrition availability, reducing costs and increasing yields
  • Ease of liquid handling and storage
  • Less down time- liquids don’t need to be refilled as often
  • More accurate placement of fertiliser bands
  • Offer the ability to include trace elements and herbicides


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scaribarHorwood Bagshaw Australian designed and built Scaribars can be used as:

  • a robust primary tillage implement
  • a secondary tillage implement
  • a chisel plough
  • an accurate direct drilling seeder
  • a minimum tillage seeder
  • a conventional seeder
  • a high clearance trash seeder

preorderLow maintenance Scaribars are:

  • tough, strong and reliable
  • made in Australia to suit Australian farming conditions
  • offer best flotation by using the biggest tyres & axles
  • excellent performance in the stickiest mud & driest sand
  • and provide exceptional ground following ability

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Precision Seeding System


The Latest Innovation

The Horwood Bagshaw Precision Seeding System – The Next Generation of Conservation Tillage

CaptHorwood Bagshaw’s Precision Seeding System helps optimise soil conservation and seeding performance. The PSS combines the ground following capability of Horwood Bagshaw’s Parallelogram and Presswheel with the versatility of variable rate Airseeders to ensure accurate seed and fertiliser placement.

The Horwood Bagshaw PSS offers:

  • Better soil structure
  • Low soil disturbance
  • Better seed placement
  • Reduced fertiliser toxicity

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