Gason was founded in 1946 at Ararat in Western Victoria, and the company still remains a family owned business today.
Gason equipment is designed by engineers with practical experience who understand Australian conditions. Thorough testing on farms right across Australia ensures that every Gason machine will deliver top performance in every application.

Spreaders  Seeders ScariTill & HydraTill



Gason Spreaders will spread a large variety of materials from urea to chicken litter, and do it with great accuracy. Fewer moving parts reduce maintenance requirements to a minimum. Heavy duty construction and a baked enamel paint finish assure a long service life.

  • All steel welded construction
  • Great accuracy
  • Low maintenance
  • 3, 7, 9 and 12 tonne maximum carrying capacity
  • 9 and 12 tonne models come with both multi-purpose and widespread spinner sets
  • Pelletised fertiliser spreads up to 36m with widespread spinner sets
  • High torque spinner motors with speed read out
  • 3 speed gearbox
  • Low profile, easy loading
  • Chain feed gives even distribution to spinners


For 70 years, Gason has been manufacturing quality machinery for Australian farmers and have built an enviable reputation for innovative design and superior build. Gason continues the tradition for quality and today offer a range of world class spreaders.

Gason Spreaders have been used for more than 13 years in all regions of the country, from far north Queensland to Kangaroo Island. Every model is designed to cater for Australian conditions and are capable of handling almost any product – from chicken litter and compost to urea, pelletised phosphates and lime.

Gason Spreaders are simple to operate and are highly efficient. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel they will give you years of reliable service. If you’re looking for a tough, dependable spreader for fertiliser or manure, a Gason Spreader is the ideal machine.

There are many variables that affect the spreading performance of the Gason multi-purpose spreader. It is important the wind speed and direction, ground contour, plant height and fertiliser consistency are considered prior to determining the spreader settings and width of pass.




The open discharge design allows light bulky products, like manures and compost
to flow through to the spinner zone effortlessly.

The Gason Spreader’s slat-style feed chain ensures an even flow of product through to the discharge area without slipping or creating blockages at the rear door.

Gason’s twin spinners are hydraulically operated and are engaged from the tractor cab.

The spinners are extremely efficient delivering spreading widths of up to 36m of granulised product, urea up to 24m and lime up to 12m.

Gason Spreaders also have a low profile for easier loading.

Gason Spreaders utilise a simple but highly effective ground drive mechanism which automatically adjusts application rates as ground speed is increased or decreased during operation. This is particularly efficient in undulating or variable country where a constant speed cannot be maintained.

Feed chain speed is controlled by a 3 speed, fully sealed Australian built gearbox.

A spinner speed tachometer is mounted on the front of the spreader and is easy to
see from the tractor seat. It is powered by a battery therefore no power
connection is required.

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Gason 2120 Air Seeders2120 and 2150 Liquid Air Seeder

Liquid equipped models feature a robust dual compartment 5000 litre UV stabilized polyethylene tank, as well as conventional middle and rear steel bins for granular products, allowing the application of both liquid and solid fertiliser with the seed.

A dual pump system is supplied as standard to meter product and to offer a high degree of mixing via the 4 in-tank agitation nozzles. An optional second meter control system is available to allow 2 incompatible liquids from the main tank to be metered and distributed right through to the ground.

A 500 litre fresh water flush tank is standard on all liquid equipped seeders with the option for a 500 litre trace elements tank and variable rate injection pump.

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gason 17501750 Air Seeder

The 1750 series is a reduced cost version of the 1850 series with a single axle and a rigid pull attachment to the tillage planter. In all other respects it is identical to the
1850 series. It uses the same Mark 1 meter box and is available with ground drive or Variable Rate Technology.

Other options available are 2 or 3 bin versions of the 1750, and a loading/unloading auger for efficiency in the paddock.

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21702170 & 2210 Air Seeders – New Release

The new release Gason 2170 (17250L) or 2210 (21300L) air seeders have 3 individual bins, variable rate and can be fitted with options including load cells on each bin, pasture planter and large 11” load / unload auger. Monitoring options include Farmscan, Topcon, Trimble and John Deere Dry Rate Controller. The unique feature of individually mounted bins gives the ability to monitor and self-calibrate each bin if fitted with load cells.

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ScariTILL & HydraTILL

Specify a Machine to Suit Your Farming Conditions

The Gason range of tined implements offers farmers the opportunity to specify a machine best suited to their overall requirements. Choose the overall width to suit your tractor and conditions and select from a variety of row spacings. Many machines offer a choice of floating hitch or rigid pull.

Other choices are also available. Both shanks and ground tools are easily changed in the field, providing further versatility and allowing you to switch between conventional till and zero/minimum till. Choose between spring tines with 400 or 540 lbs breakout force, or hydraulic tines with up to 680 lbs breakout force.

ScariTILL refers to spring tine machines and HydraTILL denotes hydraulic tines.


  • Conventional working with sweeps
  • Minimum till or no till with knife points
  • Controlled traffic – 2, 3 or 4m
  • Accommodates mounted press wheels and/or coulters (only available on spacings 250mm or greater)


  • Conventional working with sweeps
  • Minimum till or no till with knife points
  • Controlled traffic – 2, 3 or 4m
  • Hydraulic breakout with soft recoil
  • Precision agriculture with optional parallelograms, constant seed depth with banding if required
  • Accommodates mounted press wheels and/or coulters (only available on spacings 250mm or greater)

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