Buy a Fendt, Challenger or MF Tractor

At Wiesners we are Topcon Dealers, so happy to fit a Topcon system.

However we are happy to evaluate a customers exiting Guidance system, and work out some options that may allow you to utilise your existing Guidance system.
The common setups Trimble(case), Topcon (Agco), John Deere, can usually be adapted if the tractor is setup with an integrated hydraulic steering option.

see example below.
We can use a John Deere GPS Receiver, add a Reichardt controller,  and steer Fendt Challenger and Massey Ferguson Tractors via the Isobus, using the existing steer ready hydraulic block if its fitted.
see Video of John Deere System on Massey Ferguson Windrower Below.

So don’t let your existing GPS system stop you buying a Fendt, Challenger or Massey Ferguson Tractor.

Agri2011_VarioGuide cat jd


Video Of John Deere GPS on Massey Ferguson Windrower

In the future you will be able to order your new Fendt with a Trimble or Novatel Receiver built in, see press release from Agco below.

New VarioGuide System for 2016

Fendt is pleased to announce that as part of our Fuse strategy we will be unveiling an all new Fendt VarioGuide system for 2016.

The new fully integrated VarioGuide system will continue to provide a seamlessly integrated system on the current 10″ terminal and a new option to include the 7″ terminal. The new VarioGuide system will provide greater choice in the form of offering an AGCO Trimble or AGCO NovAtel receiver for positioning information. The new system will be the leader in offering correction signal flexibility from an OEM and allow consumers to choose the receiver that best suits their farming operation.

The new system will be available in early 2016 on factory built vehicles and a conversion plus software package will follow for most current S4 and SCR Fendt’s equipped with ProfiPlus. For customers changing from the current Topcon built VarioGuide receiver the operational changes on the terminal will be minimal outside of the new features listed.

For existing customers that change tractors the new system will support current infrastructure such as Topcon base stations and way lines / boundaries. A full product information guide with part numbers and options will be released prior to the official release.

Fendt will showcase the new system publicly at Agritechnica this year 0-14th November 2015. The new system will also see a major change in the way a vehicle is perceived as “steer ready”. The new system changes the configuration so the vehicle will come equipped with the integrated steering controller. Options for positioning will be an AGCO Trimble receiver or an AGCO NovAtel receiver.

Catering to a broad geographic coverage, the flexibility of a correction signal via Satellite, NTRIP (phone network) and RTK base stations is offered. At initial release the respective receivers will be offered with the following options (where available,) Upgrade costs apply.

o AGCO Trimble: sub-meter, decimetre or centimetre accuracies.

  • RTK Base stations (450 and 900Mhz Options)
  • • Including Trimble encrypted CMR messages and secure RTK
  • NTRIP (3G phone network)
  • CentrePoint VRS
  • CentrePoint RTX
  • RangePoint RTX
  • Autonomous
  • o AGCO NovAtel: sub-meter or centimetre.
  • RTK Base stations (450mhz)
  • NTRIP (3G phone network)


Autonomous Better integration and more control

Continuing with Fendt’s seamless integration and multiple function consoles, upgrades will be seen for section control with a new section control assist function. Further to enhancing the current section control, an all-new Isobus TC-GEO Rate control system will show multi coloured application data in real time. VRC mapping data will be communicated to the terminal via the VarioDoc telemetry system using blue tooth or phone network.

Combined with the Teach In functionality of the terminal, the entire headland management process can be automated via GNSS positioning data. This is more than just simply switching sections on and off based on a boundary, Fendt will activate all tractor functions controlled via the teach in headland management like altering ground speed, engaging PTO, lowering linkage etc. Soon Fendt customers will enjoy greater productivity gains through a fully integrated technology system, controlling multiple vehicle aspects.

More Wayline options and greater flexibility

New contour segments will remove the need for changes in the field for different waylines during complex field conditions. The new contour segment will make recording and recalling multiple waylines a simple task. Functionality like automatically changing from a lengthwise track to a headland pattern around a field removes several operations endured today.

Standard wayline functionality for straight A-B, Pivot and A+ heading, plus now new features for advanced coordinate information. This allows more flexibility in placing A and B points based on competitors GPS console information and additional wayline types using GPS coordinate information.

Later in 2016 a web based wayline conversion tool will be released to allow the direct conversion of some competitor’s waylines into the VarioGuide format. The wayline and boundary can also now be exported and viewed in open programs like Google Earth.

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