The Challenger 700E New at Wiesners

Challenger 700E

Challenger 700E

AGCO POWER diesel engines optimise power, maximize efficiency.

Specifically designed for agricultural applications, the AGCO POWER 9.8L, seven-cylinder diesel engine hits the power ‘sweet spot’ with an impressively long torque curve and high torque rise at low RPMs. By eliminating the need to downshift, operators work more efficiently with less fuel consumption.

“AGCO POWER engines help operators accomplish more work per litre of fuel,” says Duniam. “That makes the MT700E Series a top choice for today’s growers.”

The seven-cylinder design is backed by five years of rigorous field testing and features common components across the AGCO POWER family engine line and an extended engine service interval with flexible oil requirements to simplify routine maintenance.

Challenger Mobil-trac provides unmatched traction, reduces compaction

The industry-exclusive Challenger Mobil-trac system puts more power to the ground with a patented undercarriage design. In addition, oscillating mid-wheels outperform rigid competitive track designs, leaving a lighter footprint to reduce compaction in the field while keeping operators moving even under challenging field conditions.

“Field compaction can quickly limit yield potential,” explains Duniam. “The unique Mobil-trac design improves flotation. Growers benefit from better stands, a more profitable harvest and the smoothest ride in the industry.”

The Mobil-trac system also offers the industry’s widest array of track offerings with easy-to-adjust gauge and tension settings, adapting easily to any application. The simple, maintenance-free design adds to the overall efficiency of the MT700E Series.