ATV Crush Protection Devices March 2016

ATV Lifeguard Roll Over Protection

In February Worksafe Victoria announced that Crush Protection Devices (CPD’s will be required on quads as part of a broader quad safety program.  With ATV and quad bikes accounting for 15 on-farm deaths in 2015, its a positive development in quad safety.

A recent Weekly Times article stated :

WorkSafe Victoria is tightening rules around quad bikes that will see them banned in workplaces unless appropriate rollover protection is fitted.

Farmers will be required to fit crush-protection devices to quad bikes, or all-terrain vehicles, or potentially cop fines of tens of thousands of dollars if there is a rollover causing ­injury or death of an employee using such a vehicle.

Wiesner’s have chosen to stock the ATV Lifeguard, it  is a segmented Roll Bar that helps give crush protection on an upturned Quad and is less likely to cause injury to the rider. It is designed to hold up a Quad in excess of 350kg and can be simply mounted to the rear carrier.

The LIFEGUARD is passive, flexible and yielding, instead of hard and rigid. The segmented construction is a new concept and has the ability to deflect around a person’s body, limbs or head on impact. It cannot collapse or flatten and will support a quad off the ground and help to provide crush protection for the rider.

  • Flexible Roll Bar will limit impact, but cannot collapse (it can support over 1,200kg).
  • The spring in the Roll Bar will help the Quad to bounce off you rather than squashing you.
  • Designed in an arc shape to deflect the weight.
  • Easily possible to push a Quad off from on top you. It’s possible to wriggle out from underneath an up-turned Quad arc shape assists rolling the Quad back onto its wheels
  • The weight of the ATV is spread across you, and can support up to a weight of 500kg.
  • Lightweight design and arc shape allow you to roll the bike off you should you become trapped.
  • Designed to mould around you in the event of a rollover.
  • Segmented Roll Bar that helps give crush protection on an upturned Quad and is less likely to cause injury to the rider.
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

We have ATV Lifeguards in stock and our parts team are here to help.

NSW – Quad Bike Safety Improvement System – Online Application

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