Welcome to the 'S effect' from Massey Ferguson

The moment you look at the MF 6700 S, you have this 'deja-vu' feeling you get with each X700 Series Generation from Massey Ferguson - except for the product number decal, the design is pretty much similar, and nothing looks changed.

But that's where most of the farmers operating the MF 6700 S after an MF 6600 would be wrong. Nothing is changed design-wise - or at least the modifications aren't perceptible to the naked eye - yet everything is different.


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Model Specifications

* with EPM | **@@1,500 rpm with EPM

Model Transmission Max Power hp Max Power hp* Max Torque** Cab Type
MF 6712 S Dyna-4 120 140 614 Essential
MF 6713 S Dyna-4 / 6 / VT 130 150 648 Essential, Efficient
MF 6714 S Dyna-4 / 6 / VT 140 160 691 Essential, Efficient
MF 6715 S Dyna-4 / 6 / VT 150 175 745 Essential, Efficient
MF 6716 S Dyna-6 / VT 160 185 790 Essential, Efficient
MF 6718 S Dyna-6 / VT 175 200 840 Essential, Efficient

Massey Ferguson Performance

Our technology solutions enhance your tractor performance.

A tractor can only be as good as it its weakest link. MF tractors ensure that the performance and efficiency of the engine, transmission, and hydraulics are optimised to minimise fuel use and maximise output without compromising the environment and requiring a high operator workload.

Massey Ferguson Productivity

We’ve automated functions and operations to boost productivity.

Operation of today’s modern, widest and most sophisticated implements involves a number of functions using the linkage, hydraulics, PTO and transmission, especially on a headland turn. Grouping these functions together or automating them gets the best out of tractor and implement.