Motorised Versatility 

Optional accessories include hose reels, trapeze centres, transport brakets, foam markers, hand wash tanks and the ability to upgrade to electric distribuiton valves. 

Ideal for applications that call for higher volumes and variable pressure control, the range of HARDI motorised power sprayers with HONDA motors and heavy duty integrated tank and chassis deliver excellent spray coverage to get the big jobs done.

SWIFT Compact 50 & 100

The SWIFT 50 litre and 100 litre pick-up spray systems are a simple, versatile and reliable solution for large estates.

Paired with a 6 metre hose and 60S spray gun, they are ideal for spot spraying weeds, applying liquid fertilizers and controlling plant pests. They can also be used for applying industrial cleaners and disinfectants. 

The long-lasting HARDI polyethylene tanks can be put on the back of almost any vehicle  where it's needed. The only connection required is a 12V power lead for the Flojet diaphragm pump, which delivers up to 7.6 l/min at 3.4 BAR.

The 100 litre tank measures 790mm long x 465mm wide x 400mm high.


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Model Specifications

  300 400 600 800
L/Min 38/50 38/50 38/50 38
Pump 603 / 321 603 / 321 603 / 321 603 
Honda Engine 4 / 5.5 HP 4 / 5.5 HP 4 / 5.5 HP 4 HP
Controls Brass / Electric Brass / Electric Brass / Electric Brass / Electric
Boom (SB) 6, 8 & 10 metre 6, 8 & 10 metre 6, 8 & 10 metre 6, 8 & 10 metre
Nozzles MD02 Standard MD02 Standard MD02 Standard MD02 Standard
Centre Fixed / Trapeze Fixed / Trapeze Fixed / Trapeze Fixed / Trapeze
Wash Tank 15L (optional) 15L (optional) 15L (optional) 15L (optional)
Foam marker Optional Optional Optional Optional
Transport Bracket Optional Optional Optional Optional
Hose Reel 20 / 30 / 50 20 / 30 / 50 20 / 30 / 50 20 / 30 / 50



HARDI AUSTRALIA PTY LTD is a subsidiary of HARDI INTERNATIONAL, a world leader in sprayer technology. The majority of HARDI sprayers and booms sold in Australia and New Zealand are manufactured here. We employ more than 100 engineering, testing, distribution and support staff in 15,000 square metres of modern facilities, located on our 10-hectare site in Adelaide, South Australia.


For over 60 years, HARDI INTERNATIONAL has single-mindedly dedicated itself to improving the efficiency and precision of sprayed plant protection. Now a world leader in the field, HARDI recognises its role in global food security through the safe and sustainable application of agricultural compounds.

The Australian product development centre works closely with five other HARDI development centres internationally, to share local innovations with the world and to streamline the delivery of global improvements at home.