The improved cutting action means less pressure on the mix and improved feed ration for your animals.

Jaylor 5000 Series Twin Auger TMR mixers are available in a wide range of configurations in capacities from 19.8m3 to 27.2m3. These machines are used to feed larger dairy and cow-calf operations and feedlots ranging in size from as little as a hundred head, up to thousands of head. Each one is an industry leader in its class at processing round or square baled hay and baleage into uniform rations, which are resistant to sorting during eating, in a minimum amount of time. They are also ideal for mixing pre-processed silage and grain rations, including high grain finishing rations, with which full mix uniformity is achieved in as little as three to five minutes. All Jaylor 5000 Series mixers come standard  with Jaylor’s 19mm patented square cut auger.


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Model Specifications

Model Capacity  Min HP (PTO) PTO Speed Standard Knives per Auger Standard Extension
5275 8.5 cubic metres 45 540 7  
5650 19.8 cubic metres 115 540 9 8"
5750 22.1 cubic metres 115 1000 9 16"
5850 27.2 cubic metres 135 1000 9 16"


Jaylor founder, Jake Tamminga, began designing and manufacturing innovative Vertical TMR (Total Mix Ration) feed mixers for dairy and beef farmers in 1993. Jaylor mixers were soon distributed throughout North America and 50 countries world-wide. In Australia, Jaylor Feed Mixers are exclusivley distributed by PFG Australia Pty Ltd Today, Jaylor is a successful international corporation, but its never forgotten where it started and still maintains its roots firmly planted on the farm, with its production facilities located in rural Orton, Ontario. JayLor is distributed by PFG Australia based in Melbourne, Victoria.

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